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Candle Care - Trim those wicks!

Candle Care - Trim those wicks! - Coco House Candles

Have you ever wondered why your candle causes smoke or soot when its burning or why it just doesn't look the greatest when you get halfway down the jar?

Well, my friend, besides the fact it's probably a store-bought candle and not one of ours (*wink wink*), there are some things we'd love to share with you to help get the best experience out of your candle!

First things first, TRIM. YOUR. WICK.
It's non-negotiable. The wick is one of the candle's fuel sources and if it's too long you're bound to run into problems. Trimming the wick helps to minimize those out-of-control flames, excess smoke, and soot. Not to mention it keeps the candle jar from getting too hot to touch. Keeping your wick at the appropriate length will help your candle last longer because it's not burning through the wax at an increased rate, resulting in cleaner and more even burns.

What's the perfect length of the wick supposed to be?
For cotton wicks, we recommend keeping cotton wicks no longer than 1/4" and wooden wicks around 1/8" in length.

Note: For wood wicks, if your candle has been burning for a long period of time and you notice the flame height getting too low, it may be necessary to extinguish the candle and tap/break off any excess burnt wood along the top of the wick. Simply, re-light your candle and the flame will then return to its proper height.


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